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I am 55 years old and have been teaching pilates for 5 years now. I took it up to stay fit and to help iron out the kinks I had picked up from a career of human and animal physiotherapy. Pilates has done wonders for me as I have passed over to the other side of 50 and now I see it as my health pension! I have never been a natural gym bunny but pilates has helped me feel in control of my body. My classes are mat based with standing and sitting exercises. I have an optional 'buddy' system to help those who have lots of questions feel more comfortable. Coffee meetings provide you with chances to meet others in similar positions and to talk everything pilates! Come and join me in Winchester to relieve stress and take back control so you can start living again.

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Our everyday jobs can bring around a wide range of mental and physical health problems, including anxiety, depression, sleep problems, back pain, and more. I work to tackle these problems through my classes and aim to restore your happiness through exercise. My physiotherapy background allows me to provide expert guidance and recommend appropriate courses of action for each individual. I aim to work with GP's and other medical professionals to provide a tailored experience for all of my clients.

Pilates - Body and Mind

At Amanda Hemingway Pilates, I offer small group or 1-1 pilates classes led by me. The nature of these small group classes in Winchester allows for specific attention throughout and I focus on calming the nervous system to ease physical and mental tension. Home exercises are available to anyone who would like them in case you cant wait for the next session! With various flexible payment schemes, what's stopping you? Call 07951736031 and chat with me - I am happy to help.


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